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Omwille van Het Coronavirus zijn er heel wat beperkingen opgelegd en kunnen we nog geen concrete kalender vastleggen.

Zaterdag 26 juni:
Algemene vergadering.

Voorlopig hebben we deze datum geprikt voor onze Algemene Vergadering. Meer nieuws volgt van zodra dit beschikbaar is.

Dinsdag 1 september:

Vergadering gaat door in café CASINO op de Grote Markt te Diest. Aanvang 20 uur.

11/07/2012 door Frederik Loeckx
All the best and see you , but not farewell

With regret in my hart , I announce that the Kotiletho-family is moving back to Finland after staying several years in Belgium. As a military it is obvious that you have to relocate regularly. Jukka has a new position as commander of a bataljon in Finland and leave his position here as diplomatic advisor for the ministry of defense from Finland.

Virpi and Jukka joined Omega fairly quickly after their arrival in Belgium and have been members from our club for some years now. Everybody has learned to know them as very warm and helpfull people and dear friends. <br /><br />They helped to organize different times the participation of Omega at the Jukola and the training sessions before this big event. <br /><br />I think I can say that they have become a little bit Belgian and it is certainly their second home here.<br /><br />Jukka , Virpi and the kids, you are moving to Finland, but you remain part of our Omega-family. It is certainly no farewell. Before you know it, we will be standing at your door. So see you and all the best.<br /><br />In name of all Omega-members<br /><br />Rudi

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