5-D van België 15-19/8/2007

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Simone Niggli-Luder about her first World Title in Belgium

Simoneback in 1997, Simone Niggli Luder gained her first World Title, as a junior. She took her first gold medal in Gruitroderbos, on a hot summerday. The area will be used again this year for this 5 Days of Belgium, a challenging event.

We asked Simone how she remembers her first World Title, after which more then 10 World Titles followed...

I have of course good memories of the JWOC 1997 ! The terrain was really nice and demanding, especially because it was an extremely hot day. The sand dunes became so even bigger and I was really suffering on the last part of the course. I tried to keep my head cool and calm to find the control directly.

I remember that it was fast terrain and you had to be accurate with the direction. I had a good run with only small mistakes and when I came to the spectator control I heard that I was in the lead. I was a bit troubled because I had lost a lense on the last part of the race but it bothered me not too much. I drunk a lot at the refreshment control because it was so hot and started then on the final loop with some tricky controls in the dunes.
I managed the heat well and run in the finish without knowing yet if I would get a medal.

I had to wait on the other runners and especially on my teammate Regula Hulliger who was also a favourite. It was a fantastic feeling when I noticed that I had become World Champion , it was my first big international title. So I will always remember this place where my great career started.

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Results JWOC 1997

17/03/2007 door Jan Delobel
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