5-D van België 15-19/8/2007

17/03/2007 door Jan Delobel
Simone Niggli-Luder about her first World Title in Belgium
<img style="border: none;" alt="Simone" align="right" vspace=3 hspace=3 src="http://www.olomega.be/news/data/upimages/simattu_OlFachSchrift.jpg" />back in 1997, Simone Niggli Luder gained her first World Title, as a junior. She took her first gold medal in Gruitroderbos, on a hot summerday. The area will be used again this year for this 5 Days of Belgium, a challenging event.<br /><br />We asked Simone how she remembers her first World Title, after which more then 10 World Titles followed...
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24/02/2007 door Jan Delobel
Johan Modig about his World Title in 1997 in Belgium
<img style="border: none;" alt="jwoc 1997" align="left" hspace="2" vspace="2" src="http://www.olomega.be/news/data/upimages/1997logo.gif" /> In 1997, the Junior World Championships were held in Belgium. <a href="http://www.johanmodig.com/">Johan Modig</a> won the classic distance in Gruitrode, the same area which will be used for the first 2 days of this event.<br />We asked <b>Johan</b> about his feelings back in 1997, after his World Title, and about the Gruitrode-area, the map and the terrain.
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29/12/2006 door Jan Delobel
English version launched
We are proud to present you the information about our event in english. Other languages will follow later.

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