5-D van België 15-19/8/2007

17/03/2007 door Jan Delobel
Simone Niggli-Luder about her first World Title in Belgium
Simoneback in 1997, Simone Niggli Luder gained her first World Title, as a junior. She took her first gold medal in Gruitroderbos, on a hot summerday. The area will be used again this year for this 5 Days of Belgium, a challenging event.

We asked Simone how she remembers her first World Title, after which more then 10 World Titles followed...
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24/02/2007 door Jan Delobel
Johan Modig about his World Title in 1997 in Belgium
jwoc 1997 In 1997, the Junior World Championships were held in Belgium. Johan Modig won the classic distance in Gruitrode, the same area which will be used for the first 2 days of this event.
We asked Johan about his feelings back in 1997, after his World Title, and about the Gruitrode-area, the map and the terrain.
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29/12/2006 door Jan Delobel
English version launched
We are proud to present you the information about our event in english. Other languages will follow later.