3 Daagse van Limburg 2010
13-15 augustus

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Event Centre (CC)
Sportcentrum De Borg, Neeroeteren (Maaseik)
Opens on Friday, August 12 at 18:00 and closes on Sunday, August 15 on 16:00.
All stages are within 15 km from the CC.

Three individual stages, with classification over 3 days.
Chasing start on the third day.

According IOF-standards 2010, scale 1/10.000.

Starting times
Day 1: between 16:30 and 18:30
Day 2: between 10:30 and 12:30

Day 3: between 09:30 and 12:00 (chasing start)

Electronic timing
The Emit system will be used. Please mention your Emit-number upon registration.
E-cards can be hired:        
1,00 euro a day M/W born in 1992 or later
2,00 euro a day M/W born before 1992

M/W 12/14/16/18/20/21E/21A/21B/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70/75.
M/W 10: delimited with small ribbons.
There will also be a string course for children

In the case of too few participants in a class, classes can be joined.

There is a prize for the 1st place in every class, after 3 days.

Members of Belgian clubs shall enter via the responsible personof the club, before 17th of July 2010. Club responsibles shall mail OLCO file to 3daagse@olomega.be

All others (persons from abroad or non members of a Belgian club) shall enter, before 17th of July 2010 via orienteeringonline.net

Entry fees
20,00 euro (7,00 euro a day) for M/W born in 1992 or later.
30,00 euro (10,00 euro a day) for M/W born before 1992.
String course: 1,00 euro a day.

Entries are only final after payment has been received on our account:
001-1776646-70, Omega, Karel Alenlaan 40, Diest
IBAN   BE60 0011 7766 4670     

Entries on the day
There will be 2 courses available for entry on the day, without final classification:

Short (S, +/- 4 km) and Long (L, +/- 7 km)

7,00 euro a day for M/W born in 1992 or later.
10,00 euro a day for M/W born before 1992.

Free child care will be organised in the arrival zone of every stage.

Insurance is not included in the entry fees. The participants need to take care of their own insurance.

Near the event centre, places for tents, caravans and campers are provided: 8,00 euro (5,00 euro >= 1992) per persoon.
More details here .

List of hotels via VVV Maaseik, Markt 45, B-3680 Maaseik, Tel +32 89 56.63.72
And on toerismelimburg.be

Dirk Fabré, Boterstraat 7, 3390 Tielt, Tel 016 64 06 56
E-mail: 3daagse@olomega.be